My First Love

I woke up with a start. I was crying. May be I was hungry. I didn’t know where I was. No one came to comfort me. I turned and tossed on the bed. As I turned to my left, I saw her. There she was, the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. She was fast asleep, her right thumb in her mouth. I knew then that I was looking at my first love. I was in a hospital. I was born just yesterday.

Just then my mother came in, took me into her arms and nursed me. I was denied the view of my first love. I cried. I cried harder. I wasn’t hungry anymore. I wanted to look at my first love.

I saw concern on my mother’s face. She thought I was sick. She was right. I was sick. I was sick at heart. The doctor was called. The doctor came in. He took my temperature. He checked my blood pressure. He could not find anything wrong with me. If only he could look at the place where I was hurt most.

I was placed on my bed. Placed on the bed facing my love. I was happy. I stopped crying. I heard a sigh of relief from my mother. The doctor went away shaking his head. I was then left at peace. I looked at my love. Without batting an eyelid. There she was. A thing of beauty. Still sleeping peacefully. With her right thumb in her mouth.

“Wake up. Wake up and look at me”, I thought. I could only think. I was not supposed to talk. Remember, I was just one day old. But there she was. A sleeping beauty. A sleeping beauty not older than myself. Could she have a name?? Do I have a name myself?? Do one-day-olds have names?? I kept looking at her. Willing her to wake up. She did not. Instead, sleep nursed me and my heavy heart. I dreamt. I dreamt about her.

I woke up. I turned to my left. I looked. The bed next to mine was empty. My sleeping beauty was gone. My first love!! My first love was gone when I was sleeping. When I was sleeping and dreaming about her. Did she atleast see me before leaving?? Was she aware of my existence?? My existence and my love for her?? I felt sad. I felt lonely. All alone and with so many unanwsered questions. With so many unanwsered questions and a heavy heart.

I cried. My mother came in. She took me in her arms and fed me. I cried harder. The doctor was called. The doctor came in. He prepared to take my temperature. I wailed. I wailed my broken heart out. Thus ended my first love.


4 responses to “My First Love

  1. a sweet love story u have written tenzin…………..but i think u have some hidden message in it……(wink) …..very interesting

  2. I agree, definately a hidden message huh. 🙂

  3. tenzee, liked it so much………at first i thought u were gona talk abt ur gf………da article is so sweet ya…… many emotions n hidden messages all over……….keep movin in life n best wishes

  4. your blogs are good. keep writing… 🙂

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