Monthly Archives: January 2008

Reading comic Books on My Debian System

I have been downloading and reading old comics like Batman, Startrek etc from the internet and reading it on my laptop. The comics are normally in the “.cbr” format, which is just a rar archive of a folder containing the images that makes up the comic book. In the beginning my laptop was running Debian Etch (4.0) and hence there was no application that can enable me to read the .cbr comic files. I tried unraring the archive and reading the individual images in Eog, but when the image files are of high resolution, reading the comic is not convinient. Later, I came across a comic reading application called Cdisplay, but unfortunately, Cdisplay doesnt have a GNU/Linux release. It is a freeware but not Free Software. Still, to enable myself to read the comic books, I installed Cdisplay on my Debian system using the Wine Emulator. One disadvantage of using Cdisplay was that it cannot render the images properly when the image files inside the archive is in the GIF format. So I had to manually unrar the .cbr file, convert the GIF to JPEG and then create a new archive to read the comics.


Later I upgraded my Debian distro to Lenny/Sid (testing/unstable) and found out that the Evince document reader that comes with Lenny/Sid can read the .cbr archives very well…. Hurrayh!!!!! I uninstalled Cdisplay and now I can read my comic collections using  Free Software.