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Fresh Lenny Install; WinXP > /dev/null

Till now I was dual booting Windows XP and Debian on my Acer Laptop. I use XP mainly to play some games like warcraft and AoE. Recently, i have been thinking of having only “The One” OS on my machine and today I did it. I did a fresh Lenny install from a recent weekly-build iso (Downloaded the iso using Jigdo .. Hurrayh!!), with a seperate /home partition. The following lists some of the tweakings and features:

1. Wireless
The 2.6.24 kernel that comes with lenny recognises my wireless chip. So I have only go to download the firmware. The boot messege even gives me the url from where to get the firmware.. awesome!! The url is and all the instructions are there. Basically I need to install the firmware cutter b43-fwcutter. I did a aptitude install b43-fwcutter and the install process even has to option to download and install the firmware automatically. I did that and its working!!

2. Sound
My earphone jack which was not working with etch is working now. The only problem is when i use my earphone, the laptop speakers dont mute automatically, and have to do that manually. But this is much better than on XP where the earphone jack doesnt work atall. Someone on IRC adviced me to upgrade to 2.6.25 kernel. May be this will solve the un-muting problem :).

3. System Time
There is this problem of setting the system time everytime i boot the machine. The bios time is ok but the system time always becomes 12 hours out of sync whenever i reboot. I did a google search and found out the solution:
Edit /etc/init.d/ and /etc/init.d/ and change HWCLOCKPARS to HWCLOCKPARS=”–directisa”
This worked like a charm.

4. Bluetooth
aptitude install bluetooth

5. Webcam
Same as in the etch documentation:
aptitude install linux-uvc-source
m-a auto-install linux-uvc
modprobe uvcvideo

6. Graphics
My Acer laptop comes with a “VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)” graphics card and the lenny iso that i used for installation comes with xserver-xorg 7.3. To have openGL support inorder to have good graphics rendering for games:

aptitude insall libgl1-mesa-dri (this also installs libgl1-mesa-glx)
aptitude install mesa-utils (This installs the glxinfo util which we can use to check for direct rendering support)

Before installing the libgl1-mesa-dri, doing a “glxinfo | grep direct” tells me that I dont have direct support. But everything turns out fine once we install libgl1-mesa-dri. Now I can play openarena and may be even flighgear smoothly. This is thanks to all the help from enouf and Nemoder at #debian@OFTC. I even updated a wiki article here:

To install splashy refer this two links :